Flexi Corner Pin

Add flexibility to your Corner Pin or Power Pin track. Great for compositing a graphic to a semi-rigid object.

Compositing graphics onto objects can be fairly straight-forward. But it gets a bit more complicated if what you’re compositing into has a little flex. 

Cardboard signs, money, bottle label, photos, etc. They can all flex, making a Corner Pin or Mocha track are not as useful.

Mocha Pro now has Power Mesh, and that works great. However, even ignoring the fact that it’s definitely not free, there are situations where it just doesn’t work (like if it’s a smooth surface).

In those cases, Flexi Corner Pin can save your butt. You track the corners with Mocha or the AE Point tracker, and then apply Flexi Corner Pin on top which adds bezier handles that you can animate to match the movements of the element.

It’s not as sophisticated, for sure. But in the right situation, it can be the best (or only) tool for the job.

For instructions on how to install click here