Layer Boss

Take control of your layers.

Layer Boss speeds up your workflow by allowing you to manipulate dozens of layers automatically.


A few examples where Layer Boss can save you tons of time:

Create Textless Versions

If you’ve ever had to create a textless version of a graphic or monitor comp, you know if can be a pain in the butt.

Layer Boss can turn off all your text layers in your comp (and even in the precomps if you wish) with just a few clicks.

Creating Mattes

Similar to creating textless versions, Layer Boss can help you create mattes with ease.

If you add a specific text of your choice to your layer names (for example FG or <BG>) while you’re working, Layer Boss can then find those layers and turn them on or off to create a matte.

Speed Up Previews

Some effects are necessary, but can be really slow. For example Grain and Motion Blur.

With Layer Boss you can make adjustment layers with the time-consuming effects, and add a distinct text in the layer name. That way you can keep them off while you’re working. Then when it comes time to render, you can turn them on in all your comps and precomps with just a couple of clicks.

Remove LUTs accross the board

If you use temporary LUTs to work and to send previews, it can be a tedious task to remove them when it comes time to ship (you can use Guide Layers, but not everybody likes them) 

You can give your LUT adjustment layer a distinct name (like LUT, or TEMP COLOR). When you’re ready to ship, Layer Boss can find all those layers and turn them off (or even turn them into Guide Layers)  

See it in action...

For instructions on how to install click here