Master Comps

Master Comps allows you to recreate all the  effects, adjustment layers, etc from a Master into all your comps.

It automatically adjusts the length of the layers, it can resize the clips to fit, precompose and more.


Master Comps allows you to premake compositions and apply them with just a few clicks.

A few examples where Master Comps can save you tons of time:

Match clips of different sizes

Create a master at the resolution of your final, then apply that master to all your media. Master Comps will create comps of all the files you’ve selected at the resolution of the master, each matching the length of its respective clip.

Apply effects in bulk

Have tons of clips from a single source that need to be denoised? Denoise one of them and let Master Comps apply it to the rest.

Need to apply grain to all your final comps at the end? Repeat the process.

Insert timecode or a slate

In some productions you need to insert a slate, timecode or other information to outputs you send for review. You can create that once and let Master Comps apply it to all your comps. With the help of expressions, this can reduce not just time, but also errors that can happen when you copy/paste all the layers and change them manually.

Mass-Produce your comps

If you have several shots that are similar (for example several green screen shots with the same setup). You can work and refine one of them, then let Master Comps apply all your effects and layers to the rest of the clips.

See it in action...

For instructions on how to install click here