Render Queuer

Allows you to fill the Render Queue with the correct settings, including file location and format settings.

It can even detect the correct version based on the existing rendered files.


A few examples where Render Queuer can save you tons of time:

Never render to the wrong directory

By default when you create a render, After Effects uses the last directory that you opened from or saved to. This can lead you saving renders in the wrong directory (when working on two different projects from two different clients, we’ve accidentally saved outputs of one project into the other one, which is not good!)

Render Queuer allows you to create profiles with a specific destination (or a destination based on the AE Project file).

That means you never have to worry again about your render going to the wrong place.


Create a high-res final and a preview at the same time

All Render Queuer profiles allow you to specify multiple outputs.  For example, you could create both your high-resolution final in the project drive, and a low-res preview in a Dropbox folder.

You can do this in AE by itself, of course. But you have to navigate to each folder and name the output individually for each comp you’re rendering.

With Render Queuer, once you’ve set the profile, it can configure your whole render queue with a single click. 


Always the correct version number

If you choose to, Render Queuer can look at the directory where you want to save your render, and automatically detect the next version number.

This works for both video outputs and image sequences. 

Take control of Media Encoder

One of our biggest annoyances of rendering on Media Encoder is that when you send a render to it, the output always defaults  to the folder next to the project file.

With Render Queuer, you can set your whole render queue to the files and folders you want with a single-click, and then can send the whole queue to Media Encoder. They will already be set to the correct folders.

For instructions on how to install click here