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Manually send Logs for Support

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If you’re having issues with Render Boss, we might ask you to send us your logs manually, so that we have more information trying to find the problem.

Here’s how to send us your logs:

If Render Boss runs normally

  1. Turn Auto-Start OFF
  2. Send a render (but don’t let it start, that’s why we turned Render Boss off)
  3. Go to ‘Help’ -> ‘Troubleshooting’ -> ‘Logs’ -> ‘Send Logs to Support’
  4. Repeat this on all the machines you wish.

If that does not work, or Render Boss can’t start

  • Find the Render Boss folder in your user files…
    • C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Render Boss
  • Compress the whole folder into a Zip File and send that over via email (or a service like, Dropbox, etc).

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