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My render gets stuck at 90%

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If the version of Render Boss is between and, there is a bug that sometimes makes a render get stuck at 90%.

Render Boss usually checks for missing frames before moving on to the video conversion, and restarts if it finds missing frames. The bug triggers that over and over, so it gets stuck.

To stop a stuck render, you can Force-Stop it (check the ‘Force-Stop’ option before click Stop).

To finish, you can right-click a render, then choose Render-> On this Machine. And the render should pick up from 90%.

To prevent renders from getting stuck, there is a temporary work-around. Here are the steps (screenshots at the bottom of the email):

  1. Update to the latest Beta:
    • Go to Options and change the Release Track to “Beta”, then click OK. 
    • Go to the Help Menu and click “Update Now”.
    • Program will restart.
  2. Turn Off Problematic Option:
    1. Go to Options, this latest version should have an option called ‘Fix Missing Frames’
    2. Turn that off, then click OK.

That should prevent that error from happening until we patch the system.

If you keep having issues, free to email and we’ll investigate further.

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