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My thread count goes down by itself, what’s happening?

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There are a few possibilities that could be happening:

  • If the threads are reducing at or after the 90% mark:
    • That’s normal. That’s the point where the Temporary Frames are finished and Render Boss converts them to the final video, which can only use a single-thread.
  • If they’re reducing much sooner than the 90% mark:
    • If Thread management is set to Boss A.I. instead of Manual, Render Boss might be lowering the amount of threads automatically because it detected that the rendering speed was better a lower thread count.
    • If that’s not the case and Thread Management is on Manual mode, it could also be that the GPU is running out of RAM (unfortunately, AE can crash without warning when that happens), if this is the case, try lowering the amount of threads. It can be helpful to start at 2 and slowly increase it.
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