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Sending Renders to Adobe Media Encoder

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You can send your final renders to Adobe Media Encoder, which is useful if you need an output in any of the formats supported by it, but not supported by After Effects.

To do this, choose any of the ‘Media Encoder’ options in the ‘Final Video Processing’ dropdown menu.

Render Boss will render all the frames, and then it will send them to Adobe Media Encoder to be converted into the final format. (This means that on your AE Render Queue, it doesn’t matter what format you select).

Auto-Start and ‘Wait for preset’. 

If you choose Auto-Start, Render Boss will automatically start the AME render using the last preset that was used. Whereas ‘Wait for Preset’ will wait for you to choose a preset and hit the ‘Start’ button in AME.

The best way to do it is to select ‘Wait for preset’ the first time, and then change it to Auto-Start on the subsequent renders.

One note, Render Boss will try to open AME if it’s not open, but the After Effects/AME communication sometimes has problems and doesn’t open properly. If you’re having issues with renders not being sent correctly to AME, try opening AME before your render starts so the command gets sent properly.

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