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Uninstalling Render Boss

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You can completely remove Render Boss in two steps:

Remove the AE Extension

On both MacOS and Windows,you can go to the File Menu -> After Effects Extension -> Remove

If after you restart After Effects, the Render Boss extension is still there, or if you want to remove the files manually, delete the following files:

  • Windows:
    • C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\{version}\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\AE Render Boss.jsxbin
  • MacOS
    • /Users/{user}/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/{version}/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels/AE Render Boss.jsxbin
    • /Users/{user}/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/{version}/Scripts/Startup/Render Boss Render.jsxbin

Uninstall the main application

On MacOS: Just remove Render Boss from the Applications folder

On Windows: Run the Installer, or executable you used to install Render Boss and click Uninstall.

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