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Using ExtendScript with Render Boss

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If you’d like to integrate Render Boss into your workflow using scripts, you can use ExtendScript to send renders and to change settings in Render Boss.

Make sure you open Render Boss before you run your script, otherwise you’ll get an error. 

Sending a Render

To send a render, simply call the method


This will send the checked items in the Render Queue to Render Boss.  

Render Boss will use the ‘Name’ parameter to name your render. If left blank or undefined, Render Boss will name the render automatically. 

Render Settings

If you’d like to change the settings from your script, you can do so as well. Just make sure you change them before you send your render. 

Here’s a quick guide (full text below):

Here is the list of the settings:

  • Use Multiple Machines / Threads
    • RenderBoss.autoMMcheck.value = <true or false>;
  • Stop On Missing…
    • Footage
      • RenderBoss.stopOnMissingFootageCheck.value = <true or false>;
    • Effects
      • RenderBoss.stopOnMissingEffectsCheck.value = <true or false>;
    • Fonts
      • RenderBoss.stopOnMissingFontsCheck.value = <true or false>;
  • Target Machine (will be available in Render Boss 1.2 update)
    • RenderBoss.setTargetMachine(targetName);
  • Final Video Processing:
    • RenderBoss.AmeDropdown.selection.index = <index>;
      • Index 0 = Use After Effects
      • Index 1 = Media Encoder (Auto Start)
      • Index 2 = Media Encoder (Wait for Preset)
  • Auto-Increase Version Number after rendering (will be available in Render Boss 1.1 update)
    • versionUpQueueItemsCheck.value = <true or false>
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