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What data do you collect?

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Render Boss only gathers data for the purpose of performance and stability improvements. You can always choose what you share with us. 

We do not share any type of data with third-parties for any purpose.

More Details:

The data collected by Render Boss can be grouped into 3 categories:

  • Crash Reports
  • Telemetry
  • App Logs / Files

Here are the details of each category:

Crash Reports

When Render Boss crashes, it automatically gathers the technical information of the crash. This helps us tremendously to find the bug quickly and accurately. 

This technical information is the only thing Render Boss sends, if you choose so. And it’s shown to you in a message like the following:

You have 3 options for the automatic sending of this technical information, including the option of not sending it.

If you choose the first option ‘Send and notify me when it’s fixed’, your email address (not your name, or any other personal info) will also be sent, but only for the purpose of notifying you when the bug is fixed.


Telemetry Data gathered in your machine helps Render Boss make more accurate predictions on future renders and improve the model of how different effects affect render times at different resolutions and with different amount of threads, etc.

When this data is shared with us it helps us improve our model based on all the machines. Which in turn improves the automatic modes of thread-handling.

Telemetry data is only sent occasionally, and only if you have ‘Share Telemetry Data’ checked. The size of the data transfer is about 10KBs per render.

Telemetry data is always anonymous and it never includes identifiable information.

The fields collected are:

  • Operating System
  • CPU Type(s)
  • Total RAM
  • GPU Type(s)
  • Render Boss Version
  • Installed version(s) of AE
  • Timestamp
  • Render Item (a number assigned to each item in the Render Queue)
  • Thread #
  • Active Threads
  • Rendering Threads
  • Frame #
  • Milliseconds Per Frame 
  • Average Milliseconds Per frame
  • Estimated Time Remaining (helps us improve the ETA display)
  • CPU Usage
  • RAM used per Thread
  • Render Frame Size
  • Effects Used
  • Disk is local or network (to differentiate average write-speeds between local and network)

(an example of telemetry data in a spreadsheet)

App Logs / Files

When you send a Support Request via the ‘Contact Us’ button, Render Boss collects all the application logs and files that Render Boss uses to function. This helps us diagnose issues and bugs much more quickly. If you wish to contact us without sending your files, you can send a regular email to

Note that your logs might contain file and folder information from your projects, however, Render Boss does not copy or send any assets from any of your projects, like aep files or media. It only collects files generated by Render Boss itself.

You can always see what’s contained in your logs by going to ‘Help’ -> ‘Logs’ -> ‘Open Logs’

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